Do you have Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, no Wi-Fi is available on behalf of the park, however depending on your cellular network provider personal hotspot is recommended.

Can we have campfires?

Bring your own fire pit, there is only one permanant fire pit at FRB. Campfires are permitted based on the county’s fire status. If a burn ban is the current status, then no campfires will be permitted within the property. One exception to this policy is propane or butane fueled fires to be used within a closed and portable containment device.

What is your policy on pets for RVs?

Pets are permitted with the rule that they are confined to the site or space in which the visitor is located. It is highly recommended that leashed and collars be used when walking with your pets around the park premises. Pickup after your pets and ensure that pets to not disturb other visitors during night hours.

How do I become a member:

Pay a one time initiation fee then annual dues. At the cureent dues rate, you would need to stay on FIVE time here to break even.

  • Unlimited seasonal park access (21 out of 31 days free, then $15 per day for the last week of the month.
  • Cabin Rentals are less than $36 per night.
  • Member only spaces not allowed to the public.
  • RV or vehicle storage beginning at .75 cents a day. Find one cheaper, I dare you!
  • Special member appreciation events such as dinners and entertainment activities (horse shoe tournaments, fishing derby’s and miniature golf contests.

What if I don't want to become a member but I want to come up and stay.

Non members can come up as many time as they wish, but they pay full price. Non-member can stay with no charge, and without reservation as long as they pay the annual dues rates.