Becoming a Member requires a onetime fee of $995 or $200 down at 0% interest with one year to pay off the initiation fee. After that are annual dues (prorated) of $295 (plus tax) per year. As a member this place becomes your Park. You no longer need to make reservations; you have access to all the Member sites, and you never pay for your site anymore because your dues cover your stay. So, if you do the math, the initiation fee gets paid off after 17 days (about 2 and a half weeks). Furthermore, the annual dues are equivalent to 7 nights per season (May-October). 
Your immediate family is also included into the membership meeting if you have children that are old enough, they can come up on your membership. If both family parties' come up at the same time, it’s only $15 for the extra site instead of $57.24.  
Additionally, if you want to rent cabins, they are only $35 per night. You are authorized to stay at this facility for 21 out of 31 days (about 1 month) per month, afterwards it is $15 per day.  
We also offer storage for our members for them at $.75 per day without power. Cheapest storage you'll find.